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Just In Online Placement Drive in association with ICT Academy Click Here   Download Advertisement Earlier Multidisciplinary Career Counselling Web Series. For Registration: click here   Download Notice New It is mandatory for students to wear proper Uniform to college.    New Mobile Phones are strictly banned inside the college campus.    New Plying of Motorbikes and Cars inside the College premises is Strictly prohibited.    New Please wear your Identity Card to the college.
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  • Dr. Chinta Mani Sharma
    Designation: Principal

Mr. Pragyan Jyoti Saikia
Designation: President
Ph No: 8135028790
Miss. Raniso Kilingpi
Designation: Vice President
Ph No: 8134847082
Mr. Dhiraj Kalita
Designation- General Secretary
Ph No: 7002073552
Mr. Priyam Das
Designation: Asst. General Secretary
Ph No: 7638073758
Miss. Joysri Baruah
Designation: Debate & Discourses Secy.
Ph No: 9085160973
Miss. Liza Saikia
Designation: Debate & Discourses Secy.
Ph No: 8638764243
Miss. Lizashri Das
Designation: Magazine Secretary
Ph No: 7896982291
Mr. Dheeraj Jyoti Chutia
Designation: Gymnasium Secretary
Ph No: 9365863491
Miss. Pinakhi Borah
Designation: Festival & Social Service Secy.
Ph No: 6002150702
Miss. Upasana Bhagawati
Girls Common Room Secy.
Ph No: 6002886467
Mr. Sanjeeb Chetry
Designation: Minor Games Secy.
Ph No: 9365982047
Mr. Abhijit Mudoi
Designation: Boys Common Room Secy.
Ph No: 8472999257
Mr. Jintu Das
Designation: Major Games Secy.
Ph No: 6900055354

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