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Just In Online Placement Drive in association with ICT Academy Click Here   Download Advertisement Earlier Multidisciplinary Career Counselling Web Series. For Registration: click here   Download Notice New It is mandatory for students to wear proper Uniform to college.    New Mobile Phones are strictly banned inside the college campus.    New Plying of Motorbikes and Cars inside the College premises is Strictly prohibited.    New Please wear your Identity Card to the college.
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NAAC AQAR Reports are available for reading and downloading in chronological order as given below:

Self Study Report, Dec 2014

Prepared by the IQAC Cell

The Self Study Report is a detailed Self Study done by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college over a pre-determined period. The report contains evaluative reports and SWOC Analysis of the Departments of the college, budgets and plans.

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