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Robotics is one of the emerging Engineering fields that many bright students crave for. Robotics is now officially available in chosen IIT s of India and a Few Engineering Colleges. Even Gauhati University has a paper on Artificial Intelligence which is closest to Robotics, and many more universities are planning to incorporate the subject in their courses.

But, unfortunately, Assam is lacking in this regard in a very disgusting way. The first prime reason is the lack of skillful resource personnel to carry out teaching and training and the second reason is the lack of adequate infrastructure.

Keeping all these aspects in view, the college has decided to organize a 15 day Workshop on Robotics in association with the department of Computer Science.The following are the basic features of the workshop:

  1. Robotics is for the first time in Assam, will be launched for general students and students of IT/Engg. alike without any hard and fast restriction at very cheap fees.
  2. Entry Level will be Class XI onwards and the basic eligibility will be a Basic Certificate on Computers like CCA, DCA, Web Designing, Tally etc. However aspirants having working knowledge on computers would be accepted after a screen test.
  3. Knowledge in Programming or electronics is expected but not compulsory.
  4. Aspirants will get to work on Electronic Kits that will comprise of Microcontrollers, sensors and Motors which will have to be programmed.
  5. Workshop will start with introduction to electronic systems, Embedded Systems and C programming and proceed on to Assembling an electronic Rig that will include microcontroller, LCD etc. Finally aspirants will program Pick and Place robots themselves.
  6. The aspirants will not be allowed to take the assembled kits home. If they need one, they have to place an order for such kits.
  7. Lunches in between will not be provided by the College excluding the First and the last day.
  8. There will be no exam, however they will be accessed every day and the report will be provided at the end of the workshop.
  9. The aspirants will get a Workshop certificate on Robotics from Biswanath College at the end.
  10. Owing to the expense involved, the workshop will be Fees Based and the aspirant has to pay the fees during registration.
  11. There will be a facility of paying the Fees in two installments.
  12. Keeping in view the limited facilities and equipment's, the College decides to have a test of all aspirants before registration. Those aspirants without any knowledge on computers will be rejected.
  13. A complete infrastructure of only 40 Aspirants has been proposed.
  14. In case of overflow of aspirants, the workshop might be held in two batches
  15. After all analysis, the fees of the 15 day workshop might be set to be in-between Rs.3500.00 to 4500.00 per aspirant.

Victor Borah

Faculty Member,
Computer Science,

Fees for Robotics Workshop
Rs. 4200.00
Installment option available.
Rs. 2100.00 X 2 interest free installments.
Terms and Conditions
Online registration is purely provisional. Aspirants who register online are requested to register formally at Biswanath College Computer Lab as soon as possible. Please go through the following Terms and Conditions before registering online:
  1. Only 30 seats are available.
  2. Your registration is available only to the period of availibility of seats.
  3. Your registration will be cancelled when:
    1. When only 5 seats are left.
    2. Older registrations will be cancelled first.
    3. Details entered online like phone number and email addresses are found to be fake.
  4. Please note, installment facility is not available for aspirants who first apply online to boook their seats.
  5. Print out of online registration is to be produced at the time of formal registration.
  6. Online payment options are not available. Payments are to be done at the Computer Lab.
Robotics Workshop Registration,
July 12 - July 27, 2014
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