About Biswanath College

Named apparently after Biswanath temple, one of the famous as well as oldest temples in the north-eastern part of India, Biswanath College has a heritage that goes back to nearly 60 years, and it occupies a place among the premier seats of higher learning on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. Located  in  an ideal  setting,  the  College, grown  from  a  humble  beginning,   is  all  set  to  realize  its  potential  as  a  seat  of  academic  excellence  in  the years  to  come. The College embarked upon its journey in 1960 when the north-eastern part of our country, former greater Assam, was considered to be a backward province in every sphere of life. But eminent scholar Sadananda Chaliha as long-serving principal  with his keen interest in education took the College to newer heights of excellence.  In the course  of time the College has become  a  place  of  eminence in the realm of  learning   and  academic  proliferation.

Bounded by the river Borgang in the east, river Ghiladhari in the west, the Himalayas in the north and the river Brahmaputra in the south, Biswanath is one of the most important places in Assam in general, and in the district of Biswanath in particular if taken into account its historical significance. Having contributed significantly to the academic and cultural life of the north bank of the river Brahmaputra, Biswanath College has carved a niche for itself in the sphere of higher education in Assam. The college came into existence on 7th September, 1960 through the untiring efforts of the magnanimous people of the place in general, and of  Naazibur Rahman, the then executive engineer in the PWD department, Assam, in particular. Now Biswanath Chariali (in the past the name of the place was just Biswanath) is one of the fast-growing cities in Assam.

Biswanath  College  is  the  brainchild  of the  socially    conscious  benevolent  people  of  the  locality  with  thirst  for  knowledge  and  strong  desire  for  manifestation  of  education  among  masses.  Their  resourcefulness,  sense  of  resilience  and  willpower  were  bolstered  by  a  host  of  people  of  the  locality  who  worked  behind  the  scene  with  a  mission  at  heart  for  this  College.  Biswanath  College  was brought  under    deficit  system  of  grant-in-Aid by  the  Govt.  of  Assam on  01-04-63.

The science  stream  was  introduced  with  the  beginning  of  Pre-University  classes   under  Gauhati  University  in  the  year 1970  with  46  students.  Degree  courses  in  science  subjects  started from  1976.  The  science  section  was  brought  under  deficit  system  of  grant-in-Aid  on  01-01-78. The College was brought under provincialised system by Govt. of Assam in 2005.

Today  the  college  has  major  courses  in  all  subjects  with  competent and committed  teachers,  strong  library  and   an  environment  conducive  to  teaching  and  learning.  The   College  is  introducing  different  job-oriented  vocational  courses  and  centre  of  distant  learning.  The Faculty of Commerece and the Faculty of Computer application were introduced in the College 2012 and 2017 respectively.

The  college  was  accredited with ‘B’ grade (CGPA 2.80)  by  NAAC  (National  Assessment  &  Accreditation  Council)  in  2015.  Now the college is working relentlessly for the third  cycle of NAAC assessment and accreditation. We hope we shall be able to obtain a better score with the concerted efforts of the faculty members, non teching staff members, the students, the parents, the guardians and other stake holders of this institution.