Students Union

Paramount requirement for the prosperity and well-being of any academic institute is undoubtedly exploitation of the prospect of the support, talent and ideas of the student population in the desired perspective. Students are always the prime beneficiaries in all the activities Biswanath College does. Most importantly, students constitute the major stakeholder in the Biswanath College’s growth. The college relentlessly strives to build a relation of mutual respect and inculcate a sense of pride amongst the students for their own college, and, therefore, it has a strong students’ body called Biswanath College Students’ Union (BCSU), which is elected by the students of the college every year through voting process abiding Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. 

Biswanath College Students’ Union has always actively participated in all round development of the College. The major activities by the Students Union during an academic year are:

  1. Celebration of World Environment Day.
  2. Organisation of Freshmen Social.
  3. Organisation of the State Level Sadananda Chaliha Memorial Elocution Competition and Nojibur Rahman Memorial Quiz Competition.
  4. Celebration of Tithi of Sri Sri Sankardeva and Sri Sri Madhavdeva.
  5. Celebration of Saraswati Puja.
  6. Celebration of Mother Tongue Day.
  7. Celebration of National Science Day. 
  8. Participation in Gauhati University Inter College Youth Festival and in Sports Activities.
  9. Organisation of Annual College Week.
  10. Participation in the Gauhati University Inter College tournaments.
  11. Performance of street plays by students inside and outside the college campus to create awareness about the burning issues of the society. There is the representation of students in Academic—aild—Administrative Committees of the college. General Secretary and the President.

Students Union 2022-23

Biswanath College Students Union 2022-23

1. President – Samudra Kajal Mura
2. Vice-President – Kanchan Devi
3. General Secretary – Tushar S Bhattacharya
4. Asst. General Secretary – Sunit Kumar Agasti
5. Debates & Discourses Secretary – Abhishek Borah
6. Cultural Secretary – Pankaj Medhi
7. Major Games Secretary – Sanchit Chetry
8. Minor Games Secretary – Bibek Sarmah
9. Festival & Social Services Secretary – Chayanika Das
10. Editor, College Magazine Secretary – Riya Kalita
11. Boys’ Common Room Secretary – Suman Homagain
12. Girls’ Common Room Secretary – Dikshita Nirala
13. Gymnasium Secretary – Bireswar Teron

Samudra Kajal Mura


Tushar S Bhattacharya

General Secretary

Pankaj Medhi

Cultural Secretary

Bibek Sarmah

Minor Game Secretary

Riya Kalita

Magazine Secretary

Suman Homagain

Boys Common Room Secretary

Bireswar Teron

Gymnasium Secretary

Kanchan Devi

Vice President

Sunit Kumar Agasti

Assistant General Secretary

Sanchit Chetry

Major Game Secretary

Chayanika Das

Festival & Social Service Secretary

Abhishek Borah

Secretary Debate and Discourses

Dikshita Nirala

Girls Common Room Secretary