Biswanath College Alumni Association

To establish a networking platform to share and influence the success stories of alumni, Alumni Association was formed in the college in 2003. It is registered under Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860. Now it has more than 2000 members. It organizes development programmes and raises fund for the college. The association helped Botany and Chemistry Departments in procuring large volume of Isopropyl alcohol and glycerol for preparation of hand sanitizer. It was distributed amongst the people in the fringe area of the college gratis during the pandemic period last year when there was scarcity of hand sanitizer in the market. The association also joined hands with the college in organising masks distribution programmes and conducting awareness drives about the preventive measures people should adopt during the pandemic period among the people of the locality. The training for self-defence exclusively for girls got underway in the college on 13th March 2021 under the aegis of the Association. This training will continue in the college premises throughout the year. Since its inception, the Alumni Association has provided enormous support to the college in fulfilling its goals. It has provided adhesive bonding among the alumni members and the present students. It helps in holding interactive sessions to motivate current students about the employability and educational opportunities abroad. The alumni share their opinions in social networks and forums. The Association helps in building a network of the alumni and helps the college in being in touch with the greater society. The 3rd alumni meet of the Association was held in the College’s AKB Auditorium with a day long programme on 30th January, 2019. The alumni from different parts of Assam participated in it and shared their memories associated with the college. “Spondon”, the first issue of the journal of the Association, was released on the occasion. The Association once again reiterated its plan to contribute to the college for its all-round development. Some of the prominent personalities in different fields who are the products of this college are

  1. Mrs Mridula Barua, veteran Assamese film actress
  2. Mr. Prabin Hazarika, Former Minister to the Government of Assam
  3. Mr. Tarun Saikia, Eminent Dramatic Personality
  4. Mr. Nurjamal Sarkar, Former Minister to the Government of Assam
  5. Prof. Dilip Kumar Borah, Professor, Gauhati University
  6. Mr Mintu Hazarika, Deputy General Manager, Polyplex Corporation Limited
  7. Dr. Bhim Prasad Sharma, Associate Professor, Tezpur University
  8. Dr Ratul Saikia, Principal Scientist, NEIST
  9. Dr Chandra Baruah, Scirentist C, ASTEC
  10. Dr. Mrinal Kumar Borah, Registrar, Sankardev University
  11. Dr. Tapan Dutta, Principal, Chaygaon College, etc.



NAME OF THE SOCIETY:  Biswanath College Alumni Association

Address of the society:  Biswanath  College, College road, Biswanath Chariali, P.O.: Chariali – 784176, District – Biswanath, Assam

PREAMBLE AND OBJECTIVE :  We the alummi of Biswanath College having solemnly resolved to constitute Biswanath College Alummi Association to foster a spirit of loyality and to promote the general welfare of Biswanath College also to strengthen the ties between alummi , the community and our parent organization , do hereby adopt and give ourselves this constitution in this general meeting of the ex-students of Biswanath College held on 30th January 2019 .

RECOGNITION /AFFILATION: Biswanath College Alummi Association has registered under the societies registration Act XXI of 1860. Registration No.  RS/BCH/268/09 of 2020-2021                     

MEMBERSHIP: All ex-students of Biswanath College who studied in the degree class of the college who class of the college shall be the general members of the association.  If someone’s membership is challenged admission receipt or any other documents relating to his/her  study  in the degree classes of the college will be sufficient to accept  him/her  as member of the association.

THE EXCUTIVE BODY: The general body of the association would elect an executive body by opening voting .


President     Sri Apurba Kumar Das
Vice President
  1. Sri Pratap Saikia
  2. Sri Hemanta Saikia
  3. Md. Jameer Ahmed
  1. Sri Anjan Borah
  2. Sri Bhaben Kalita
  1. Sri Parag Saikia
  2. Sri Manish Kalita
  3. Sri Kandarpa Hazarika
  4. Sri Anjan Borah (Jitu)
  5. Sri Prabhat Borah
  6. Sri Nihar Saikia
  7. Dr. Dipankar Saikia
  8. Sri Ananta Gogoi
  9. Sri Manoj Kr. Borah
  10. Sri Niranjan Sarmah
  11. Sri Prantik Baruah
  12. Sri Bhaben Baruah
  13. Sri Anjan Borah
  14. Sri Purabi Borah
  15. Sri Nayani Hazarika