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New It is mandatory for students to wear proper Uniform to college.    New Mobile Phones are strictly banned inside the college campus.    New Plying of Motorbikes and Cars inside the College premises is Strictly prohibited.    New Please wear your Identity Card to the college.
Biswanath College
Welcom NAAC to Niswanath College
Biswanath College extends a very Warm and Cordial welcome to the NAAC peer team comprising of:
Prof. Lakshmi Narayan Bhagat
Prof. Narpat Singh Shekhawat
Dr. Ajay M. Bhamare
who will be visiting the college on 08th, 09th and 10th October, 2015.
On the occasion. the college requests all the students, staff, teachers and Gaurdians to extend their help and cooperation to the college.
-Mrs. Mira Mudoi Bora (Principal I/C)
Deepest Heartfelt condolences to Hon.Purna Hazarika Sir

Notices and Circulars

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  1. Biswanath College Hosts & Organizes Gauhati University East Zone Youth Festival 2017
  1. Constitution for Forming and Managing BCSU
  2. Notice Regarding Free Admission (01/06/2019)
  3. Class Notice (18/06/2019)
  4. Regarding Admitted Students(27/06/2019)
  5. Admission Closed(02/07/2019)
  6. Notice Regarding Sanskrit Courses(18/07/2019)
  7. Notice IDOL Admissions(23/07/2019)
  8. Notice Reg. Adm. into M.A (ASM)(30/07/2019)
  9. Notice Reg. Adm. into HS 1st yr(HSLC Compartmental)(03/08/2019)
  10. Notice Sanskrit Admission (08/08/2019)
  11. Form Fill-Up-AHSEC Notice(03/09/2019)
  12. Form Fill-Up Notice(19/09/2019)
  13. Notice Regarding Free Text Books(03/01/2020)

  1. Tender Notice, Computers & Software(04/10/2019)
  2. Supply of 1000 Nos of College Magazine(29/11/2019)
  3. Notice Inviting Tender-Lab Equip(04/12/2019)
  4. Notice Inviting Quotation for Biometric Devices(31/12/2019)
  5. Notice Inviting Tender-Lab Equipment(10/01/2020)
  6. Notice Inviting Tender-Integrated Bell System(20/01/2020)
  7.  Notice Inviting Tender-Sports Equipment(14/03/2020)
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Studying H.S at Biswanath College

Biswanath College offers entry to students passing the H.S.L.C exam as two year Higher Secondary Course in three streams Viz. Arts Stream, Science Stream and Commerce Stream. Biswanath College is a great way of experiencing college Life without actually being in a college after High School.

Studying Arts at Biswanath College

Arts is one of the prime streams students that students prefer. Arts is Available at Biswanath College as a Six Semester degree from Gauhati University. With multiple combinations and variations available in different subjects , Arts is perhaps the broadest of all streams in India.

Studying Science at Biswanath College

Science was started at Biswanath College with the beginning of Pre-University Courses under Gauhati University in 1970 with 46 students. Since then Studying Science at Biswanath College had been the best option for decades.

Studying Commerce at Biswanath College

Commerce was started at Biswanath College in 2012 and is available as a Six Semeseter Degree (B.Com) under Gauhati University. The department presently offers Majors in either Accountancy or Management.

Students Hostel
The college provides accommodation the students of the college and is subjected to the availability of seats. Currently, the college has 84 seats in the girl's hostel and 15 seats in the boy's hostel. Allotment of hostel seat is purely on merit basis. The hostel campuses are highly secured and unauthorized public entry is restricted.
National Cadet Corps (NCC)
The college provides a complete NCC wing since 1964. Prof. Khagen Deka was first Lieutenant at BNC. NCC syllabus comprises of different activities ranging from Field Engineering. to concepts in Armed Forces for National Integration and Harmony. NCC is the most sought for basic training for any student planning to take up Defence as his career.
College Gymnasium
The college has a in-campus Gym to help students maintain their health and Physic. The Gym is well equipped with modern machines. The Gym is under the guidance of a senior health instructor and is open every working day from 10AM to 5PM. Interested students of the college can admit themselves to a workout schedule at anytime.
College Gym
Tea Husbandary
A six month diploma in Tea Husbandary (Tea Plantation and Management) sponsored by UGC, New Delhi and approved by Gauhati University has been introduced in the college. Highly experienced personnels having national and international reputation are associated with the centre as guest resource perdonnels.
Tea Husbandary
Bio Tech Hub
The college is equipped with a Bio-Tech Hub that caters to the vast scopes in studies in Biotechnology. Short term courses are available under the Biotech Hub and is open for all students of the college. In addition, the Hub actively organizes workshops and seminers from time to time.
Bio Tech Hub
Computer Courses
The college offeres short term professional courses in computer science that will guide students in their Entrepreneurship and help make a career. Courses range from CCA to Web Designing. Moreover, the college is on its way to start degree courses in Computer Science in Regular Mode soon.
Computer Courses
General Rules

  1. No Mobile Phones/Music Players are allowed inside. Students of Computer Science have to obtain a special permission from the concerned authority to use a cell phone for IT Purposes.
  2. Students with Bikes and Scooters are required to enter premises only with valid documents of the vehicle and a valid Driving License.
  3. Plying motor bikes inside the College Campus during Class hours is strictly prohibited.
  4. Chewing Betel Nut, Smoking and consuming all other narcotics is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
  5. No student will be allowed to attend class without proper uniform and Identity Card.

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Student Satisfaction Survey

The College collects Student Satisfaction Survey through both Online and Offline Modes.
Students are hereby requested to submit the Survey form to the IQAC office or fill the Online Form
Important Documents
Action Taken Report
Sample Questionnaire
Student Satisfaction Survey Analysis

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