Biswanath College is a reputed college not only Arts but also in Scientific Studies as well, and the College bears a glorious history of milestones and achievements both of its Teachers and students as well.

Established in 7th September 1960, by a group of visionaries, Biswanath College today is one of the  Largest College in Biiswanath District. With a large spacious and green campus with scenic surroundings, Biswanath College has continued to excel in producing talents that spread all over the world. People like Santa Ujir and Late Rimjhim Baruah, the famous vocalists of Assam, Tarun Saikia, the great Dramatist and the of Assam and famous actress Mridula Baruah, all had been students of this College ! The College celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 22nd, September, 1996 and its Golden Jubilee on 5th September, 2010. And even today, after more than 53 years from its inception, the College happens to be the Dream of many bright Students and people from as far as Arunachal Pradesh have sent their wards for Higher Education at Biswanath College. Equipped with spacious classrooms with Overhead projectors, advanced Science Labs, a Large Spacious Library with more than 20,0000 books and a Hi-Tech Knowledge Hub, the college is an exalted centre for Higher Education.