Department of Education

Year of Establishment: 1967
Head of the Department: Shri Ajit Kumar Dutta
Total no. of approved faculty strength: 4

Faculties of the department:

Sl. No.NameDesignationYear of JoiningQualification
1.Shri Ajit Kumar DuttaAssociate Professor 16.09.1994M.A.
2. Shri Bhaben KalitaAssistant Professor31.10.2000M.A., M.Phil
3. Dr. Nabanita SarmahAssistant Professor17.02.2020M.A.,M.Phil,Ph.D(Slet), PGDHE
4. Ms. Antareepa BoraAssistant Professor17.02.2020M.A. (Net)

List of laboratory staff: Amarjeet Saikia (Bearer)

Brief introduction to the department: The Department of Education started its journey in the year 1967 and has been continuing its forward march for a pretty long time. It was founded by Prof. P. C. Gogoi. Currently Shri Ajit Kumar Dutta is working as the Head of Department (HoD). The present faculty strength of the department is 4. 

Our academic objectives are:

  • To make the students understand about the role of education and its relevance in the present social context. 
  • To enable the students in developing life skill education. 
  • To develop scientific attitude among students through experimental methods.
  • To make students aware about vocational skills.
  • To make students familiarize about different teaching methods, measurement, evaluation and various other aspects of Indian Education System. 

Courses Offered:

  • 2 years Higher Secondary Course
  • Three years Undergraduate Course ( both Honours  and General)

 Few accomplished projects undertaken by students at UG level:

  • A study on the problems and prospects of small tea growers under Garehagi Gaon. 
  • A report on the problems of child labour prevail in brick industries under Dhullie G.P. Biswanath subdivision
  • A project report on the study of Karbi tribes’ society, culture and girls’ education in Dhullie Gaon Panchayat Tribal Area under Biswanath District.
  • A study on the implementation of SSA in primary schools under Kharasimolu Gaon Panchayat of Gela Pukhuri Area.
  • A study on the attitude of parents towards girls’ education of rural areas with special reference to village Vimajuli, Biswanath District
  • A study on the problems of semester system at degree level with special reference to science faculty of Biswanath College
  • A project report on empowerment of women through education with special reference to Biswanath Sub-division 
  • A project report on academic performance of the BPP learners studying under KKHSOU, Biswanath College Study Centre.
  • Organizational structure and classroom management: A comparative study between government and private schools in Biswanath District.
  • A study on the levels of anxiety among degree level students in Biswanath College.

Prominent alumni of the department:

  • Mr. Dwijen Sarmah, Associate professor, Nawbaisa College.
  • Mr. Ajit Dutta, Associate Professor, Biswanath College.
  • Mr. Bhaben Kalita, Assistant Professor, Biswanath College.
  • Mrs. Minaskhi Das, Assistant Teacher, Chariduar Govt Nevil ME School
  • Mrs. Riyakshi Hazarika, Assistant teacher, Falfali LPS