College Library


The College Library, renamed as Sadananda Chaliha Central Library, has so far to its credit about  twenty  five  thousand resourceful volumes of books offering both the teachers and the students ample opportunity to pursue examination oriented as well as research-oriented studies. The volumes are ever-increasing. Besides journals, magazines and news papers for varied purposes are also available.

In  addition  to  these,  photostat  facility  is  also  available in  the  library.

Library Rules :

(a)     The Library is open on all working days from 9-30 AM to 3-00 PM except on Sundays and   authorised holidays.

(b)     The  loan-counter will be closed  half an hour before the closing of the library.

(c)     Students having General course may borrow two volumes and those having Major course four volumes of books at a time from the library.

(d)     Every book must be returned within 30 (thirty) days to the  library to avoid late fine. No  books will be  issued to a student who has  not returned books borrowed earlier.

(e)     A book lost or damaged  or defaced by underlining must be replaced at the  borrower’s cost.

Biswanath College  Library Advisory  Committee

Dr. Chinta Mani Sharma  – Principal                                                              :    President

Mrs.  Marami Bhattacharyya, HoD, Dept. of Economics & VP i/c           :    Member

Sri Hirak Kumar Saikia, HoD, Mathematics                                                 :    Member

Mrs. Bandana  Gogoi, Asstt. Prof. of History                                                :    Member

Sri   Ajoy Kumar  Dey, Asstt. Prof. of Physics                                               :    Member

Mrs. Jita  Moni  Bhattacharyya, M.L.Sc., M.Phil – Librarian                     :    Convenor

Sri  Hem Kumar Gautam, Asstt. Prof. of Nepali                                            :    Member

Mrs. Kabita Borah, HoD, Commerce                                                               :    Member

General Secretary,  BCSU                                                                                    :    Member


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