Our Mission & Vision

The Vision, Mission and Goals of our institution are as follows.

The Vision, Mission and Goals of our institution are as follows. Vision: The future of a nation depends upon the deepest driving desire of her youth community, and the youth community can be shaped in the right perspective by academic institutions which strive for excellence incessantly. The vision of our institution is, therefore, to create academic excellence by imparting liberal quality education, meaningful training and research so that the youth of today becomes a capable and responsible citizen of tomorrow for the bright future of the nation. Goal: To impart higher education for the development of human resource and producing responsible, competent and self-motivated citizens with a clear aim to cope with the changing global environment. Mission: Chief objectives of the institute are as follows:

  1. To bring the womenfolk and the underprivileged groups to the fold of higher education.
  2. To provide specialized and demanding education.
  3. To train up the learners in a line that facilitates them to find avenues for selfemployment.
  4. To inculcate democratic and secular values along with true human values in students.
  5. To imbibe commitment among pupils towards the society and the nation.
  6. To make students aware of the rich cultural heritage of our pluralistic society and foster the sense of cementing bond and national integration among them.
  7. To promote gathering and sharing of new knowledge through research activities and publications.
  8. To assist the university in curriculum development.
  9. To promote the use of information and communication technology in academics and administrative areas.
  10. To form a holistic personality of students, combining skills and values.

The authority of our college displays the aforesaid statements on each floor at prominent places like the Staff Room, Girls Common Room, Library, in printed admission prospectus and College magazine. Continuous and conscious efforts are being made to communicate the vision and mission of the institution to the stake-holders. The mission and vision statements are displayed at the focal places in the college premises. Our Principal particularly highlights the vision and mission to the students in his “Inaugural Speech”. Every faculty member orients there concerned students in the beginning of their lectures.


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