Mr. Diganta Kumar Bharali
M.Sc., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry
Date of Joining: 03/11/2011
Mobile: +919435183042
E-mail: bharalidigantakumar@gmail.com
Area of Specialization: Physical Chemistry

Academic achievements (Graduation onwards): 

Name of degreeYear of awardName of the awarding authority
B.Sc.1994Gauhati University
M.Sc.1996Gauhati University
M.Phil.2009Periyar University, PRIDE

Teaching experience at UG/PG level (in years):

Name of the InstituteTotal no. of completed years  in serviceYear of Joining
Biswanath College                              092011

Administrative experience:

Name of the committeePosition heldInstituteDuration
 Canteen committeeMemberBiswanath College1 yrs (2014)
 Management Committee KKHSOU Study Centre. MemberBiswanath College3 yrs (2014)
Advisory Committee of IDOL-Study CentreMember Biswanath College3 yrs ( 2016)
Election Commissioner for BCSU ElectionMember Biswanath College1 yrs ( 2016)
 Purchase Committee UGC related works. MemberBiswanath College1 yrs (2017)
 Food Sub-Committee East Zone Inter College Youth FestivalMemberBiswanath College1 week (2017)
Disciplinary CommitteeJoint secretaryBiswanath College1 yrs (2017)
Excursion to Shillong Prof. in chargeBiswanath College4days (2017)
BCSU election commissionMember Biswanath CollegeSept-2018
Student Induction Programme committeeMemberBiswanath College2018-19
GunotsavExternal EvaluatorSaikia Chuburi Lps, Teleria Lps, Saikia Chuburi MvsOct-2018
GunotsavExternal EvaluatorPub Dubia Lps, Pub Dubia HS, Dubia LPSNov-2018
Gymnasium Secy,BCSUProf. in chargeBiswanath College2018
NSS Program officerBiswanath College Unit2018
Disciplanary action committeeConvenorBiswanath CollegeApril-2019
Construction work of Computer Lab.Member Biswanath CollegeOct-2019
Emergancy care support/ Response teamMember Biswanath CollegeNov-2020

Member to the academic/professional bodies:

Name of the bodyPosition heldYears in service
 BA/BSC/BCOM 3rd sem. ExaminationSpecial Officer Nov-2013
BA/BSC/BCOM 1st sem. examination  Confidential OfficerDec-2013
 KKHSOU BA 1st  semester  ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeJan-2014
 BA/BSC/BCOM 2nd  sem. ExaminationSpecial Officer June-2014
 KKHSOU BA 3rd  Year  ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeJuly-2014
 KKHSOU BA/BCOM 2nd sem. ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeAug-2014
 KKHSOU BA/BCOM 4th  sem. ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeAug-2014
BA/BSC/BCOM 1st  sem. ExaminationSpecial OfficerNov-2014
KKHSOU BA/BCOM 1st ,MA 2nd & BA/BCOM 3rd semester  ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeJan-Feb-2015
KKHSOU BPP 1th sem.  ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeMar-2015
KKHSOU BA/BCOM/BBA 5th sem.  ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeApril-2015
KKHSOU MA/MSW 1th  sem. ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeApril-2015
 BA/BSC/BCOM 6th   sem. ExaminationAOC & Confidential OfficerMay-2015
BA/BSC/BCOM 1st  sem. ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeDec-2015
BSc 6th semester (Major/General) ZoneAssistant Zonal OfficerApril-2016
KKHSOU MA/MSW 1th  sem. ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeApril-2016
 BA/BSC/BCOM 1st sem. examinationSpecial OfficerNov-2016
BA/BSC/BCOM 1st  sem. Special ExaminationAssistant Officer in-chargeJan-2017
BA/BSC/BCOM 6th sem. examinationSpecial OfficerMay-2017
BSc 2nd semester (Major/General) Zone.Assistant Zonal OfficerMay-2017
BA/BSC/BCOM 1st    sem. ExaminationSpecial Officer & Confidential OfficerNov-2017
BA 3rd sem major/general zoneAssistant Zonal OfficerNov-2017
 HS 1st yr resultTabulatorMarch-2018
BA/BSC/BCOM 3rd sem. Examination Assistant Officer in-chargeNov-2019
APDCL Examination Govt. of AssamAssistant Officer in-chargeApril-2019
BA/BSC/BCOM 6th sem. examinationAssistant Officer in-chargeMay-2019
BA/BSC/BCOM 5th sem. examinationAssistant Officer in-chargeSept-2019

IT skills: PPT, Online classes on Google Meet, Zoom App, Cisco-Webex App,

Experience of handling sophisticated instruments: uv-vissible Spectrophotometer, Digital Balance, Digital PH meter, etc.

Professional training programs attended:

Name of the programDuration (in days)Organizing InstituteYear
Orientation Prog.28 ( 1-28 Feb.)Manipur University2014
Refresher Course21 (30 Jan- 19 feb.)North Bengal University2016
FDP (Workshop)6 (26-30 Aug.)ASTU & GIMT2019
TOT ( NSS Prog. Officer)6 (16-20 Sept.)RGU, RGNIYD,RD Guwahati, Arunachal Pradesh2019
FDP6 (29th -4th July)ICT Academy2020
FDP 15 (15 – 29th Sept.)TLC, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi2020

Seminar/Symposium/Workshop attended: 

Name of the programDuration (in days)Organizing InstituteYear
Workshop 2 (24-25 March)IDOL, GU2012
Workshop 2 (24-25 March)IDOL, GU2012
National Seminar 2 ( 14-15 June)B. College & THB College2012
Workshop2 ( 16-17 May)IQAC, THB College2013
Workshop1 (28 June)Women Cell, ACTA, Sonitupr2013
Workshop1 ( 10 Sept.)ACTA, Sonitpur Zone2014
Webiner (National)1 ( 5 th June.)Biswanath College2020
Webiner (National)1 ( 9 th June)ACTA / ACLA2020
Webiner (International)2 (13-14 June)Govt. College for Women, Dept of Chemistry, Guntur, A.P2020
National seminar2 (10-11 aug.)Biswanath College, Deptt. Of Botany2020
Webiner (International)4 ( 19-22 June)Hindu College of Pharmacy2020

Research publications:

Sl. No.Name of Authors: Diganta Kumar Bharali
1Publication title: Effect of Pon absorption spectra  of phenols.
Journal:  Anudhyan
Publication Year : 2015
Volume: iv
2Publication title : Effect of Pon absorption spectra  of subsituated phenols.
Journal : Anudhyan
Publication Year: 2016
Volume : v
3Publication title : Lignocellulosic-Based Activated Carbon Preparation.
Journal : Advances in Chemical Eng.and Science
Publication year :  2017
Volume : 7
4Publication title : Chemical words starting with alphabets- J,K,L,M,N,O and P 
Journal : Book Chapter writing- Ashok Science Dictionary, Bigyan Abhidhan
Publication year :  2016

Any other information: Pursuing PhD