Dr. Biswajit Sarmah

Dr. Biswajit Sarmah
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & HoD

Department of Zoology
Date of Joining: 05/11/2016
Mobile: +919864632347
E-mail: bsarmah3446@gmail.com,
Area of Specialization: Entomology

Research Experience:

  1.  Five Years Research experience in the field of Sericulture (Entomology).
  2.  Worked as Research Assistant  in the project “Downstream  Impact Study of Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Project”

List of Publications:       

  1. Biodiversity and sustenance of sericulture in North East India. Diversity  and  Human Welfare; p. 321-329 (ISBN NO.-978-81-908517-0-1).
  2. Global warming and its impact on the productivity of Muga silkworm (Antheraea assamensis Helfer). The Bioscan; 1(special issue); p.199-209.(ISSN – 0973-7049).
  3. Effect of temperature on age-specific fecundity of the ladybird beetle Micraspis discolor (Fabricius). The Bioscan, 2(special issue); p. 523-528.(ISSN – 0973- 7049).
  4. Performance and characterization of Muga silkworm (Antheraea assamensis Helfer) germplasm accessions from different places Assam; Journal of Gauhati University Research Scholars’ Association; p.13-16.  (ISSN – 2250-0456)
  5.  Study on abundance of faunal diversity in Samarjan Wetland, Assam (India). Ne-BioVol. 6, No. 3, p.25-28. (ISSN- 2278-2281)
  6.  Rearing and grainage behaviour of different germplasm accessions of Muga Silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer, in Assam(India). Indian Stream Research Journal; Vol.5 Issue-2, p.1-7. (ISSN: 2230-7850, Impact factor- 3.1560).
  7. Global climate change and its impact on the productivity of Muga silkworm (Antheraea assamensis Helfer) in Assam (India). European Academic Research Journal; Vol. III, Issue 11 / February 2016, p.12272-12284. (ISSN: 2286-4822, Impact Factor 3.4546)

List of Book chapters:

  1. A comparative study on the effects of different host plants on cocoon    parameters of Muga silkworm Antheraea assamensis Helfer. Agri-Boitech; p.104-112 (ISBN- 978-93-81563-15-1).
  2. Gander gap in Literacy- A study on Tea-tribe women of selected tea  gardens of  Biswanath Block, Sonitpur (Assam). Women in the North-eastern  States- An exclusive study of the Issue of Women; p.280-289. (ISBN- 978-93-  82495-99-4).

Paper presented in National & International seminars: 

  1. “19th All India National Zoology Congress” on Boidiversity and Human welfare in December-2008 at Gauhati University. 
  2. National Seminar on Wetland and Livelyhood at J. N. College, Boko, Kamrup(Assam) during October 24th-25th, 2008
  3. International Conference on Energy, Environment and Development: from Stockholm to Copenhagen and beyond (ICEED-2010) at Sambalpur                         University, Orissa during December, 10-12, 2010.   
  4. 57th Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society at Gauhati University in March-16, 2012.
  5. National Seminar on Climate Change and Bioresources at Tyagbir Hem Barua college, Jamugurihat, Sonit[ur (Assam) on 3rd & 4th August, 2012. 
  6. Sensitization workshop for development of location specific R & D and demonstrative project projects for SC/ST dominated locations, organized by: College Development Council, GU and ASTEC on August 17th– 2012.
  7. National Seminar on “Recent trends in Bioresources management & Biodiversity Conservation” at Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar during October 17-19, 2013. 
  8. International Seminar & 36th Indian Geographers Meet on Environmental Changes and Challenges: Local, Regional & Global Perspective at Gauhati University during 25-28th February, 2015. 
  9. National Seminar on Problems and Prospect of Biodiversity Conservation and sustainable development in NE Region of India at udalguri College, B.T.A.D., Assam on June !8th & 19th-2015.
  10. National Seminar on “ Advances in Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development: special reference to N. E. India” at Biswanath College on 10th & 11th August, 2020

Other activities:   Working as an Coordinator of  Environment & Climate cell, Biswanath College under ASTEC