Mrs. Jita Moni Bhattacharyya

Mrs. Jita Moni Bhattacharyya
M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil.

Date of Joining: 24/09/2010
Mobile: +916003784211
Area of Specialization: Library & Information Science

Academic Achievement’s (Graduate onwards)

Name of DegreeYear of AwardName of the awarding authority
BSc. 1992Gauhati University
MPhil.25th Nov. 2008Madurai Kamraj University

Refresher Course:

  1. Attending the UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Library & Information Science,18th November to December 2015.    Obtained grade As
  2. Attending the UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Human Rights [Interdisciplinary (ID) Refresher Course (RC) equivalent to the subject/Discipline of the participant]conducted from 06-02-2020 to 19-02-2020.  Obtained grad A

Orientation Course :

          Attended the UGC Sponsored Orientation Course at Manipur University, 1st to 28 



  1. Attending and speaker in 14h Biennial ACLA Conference in 22-23 July, 2016. As speaker paper in title: ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills for LIS Professionals in the Digital Era.
  2. Attending and speaker in 33rd National Conference: Advancements in artificial intelligence: Robotic solution for business   . 12-10-2018. As speaker paper in title “Artificial Intelligence (AIs) Applications in Libraries.”s
  3. Attending and speaker in 5th International Conference: “Contemporary Innovations in Library Science Social Science and Technology for Virtual World”. 3-3-2019. As speaker paper in title:” Library Automation: A step towards Technological Development in the Field of Library and Information Science.”  
  4. Attending and speaker in One day National Conference on “Library Services Trends & Techniques in Traditional and Digital Era.”27th Sep. 2018. As speaker in the title: “The Revolutions in Library Services and Status of Librarians in Assam.”
  5. Participated in the International E-conference on Covid-19 Pandemic : Issues, Challenges and opportunities for International trade-commerce and Employment held on 29th May,2020
  6. Attended 9th Biennial ACLA Conference in 1st to 3rd February 2002
  7. Attended 4th ACLA ANNUAL MEET in 24th June, 2017.
  8. Attended 13th Biennial ACLA Conference in 17th -19th March 2013. 


  1. Attending and presented paper in UGC Sponsored National Seminar in titled:” E –Resource Management in Libraries” in 18-19 February 2017As speaker in title: “Problems and prospects of E-research management in libraries”.
  2. Attending 19th National Convention on Knowledge Library and Information Networking (NACLIN 2016).Under the title “Smart Libraries and Inspired Librarians: Managing New Technologies, Digital Content and Services.

Work shop :

  1. Attending the national workshop under the title: Translation on Science Literature into Regional Language, 25-28 November, 2004.
  2. Attending the national workshop under the title:” Library Automation of College Libraries in North Eastern Region“, 27-31 July 2009.Held at INFLIBNET Center. Ahmedabad.
  3. Attending the national workshop under the title: Building an Institutional Repository using Dspace, 15-17 March, 2012.
  4. Attending the national Seminar cum Workshop under the title: Managing Libraries in Digital Era, 10-11- August, 2012.
  5. Attending the national workshop under the title: „ Access to Library Resources and Internet“, 17th to 19th January, 2014.
  6. Attending the national workshop under the title: Metadata standards: Retrospective Conversion, Preservation, Harvesting and Migration, 7 -9 June 2017.Held at INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.
  7. Attending the national workshop under the title: Women Rights and Legal Protection –CUM- Self Defense, 28 -6- 2013
  8. Attending the UGC Sponsored Workshop On Semester System in Undergraduate Colleges Of Assam.Held on 19/8/2011.
  9. Attending the one day national level(online) workshop on Office Management &Stress Management“.On 26th May,2020.


  1. Attending the international seminar under the title: UGC- Sponsored National Seminar in Globalisation and its impact on ething studies and modern Indian language, from 5-6 September, 2008.
  2. Attending the international seminar under the title: UGC- Sponsored National Seminars on philosophy society and valdes, from 29-30 December, 2010.Presented a paper on „Library is an agent of societal changes“
  3. Attending the national seminar under the title: “Rural Development in North-East India As speaker paper in title „ Barriers of Rural Economy.“ 11-12 November, 2011.
  4. Attending the international seminar under the title: UGC- Sponsored Refresher course, on philosophy society and valdes, from 28 Feb., 2014.
  5. Attending the UGC sponsored national seminar under the title: “  Humanism in the songs of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and its impact on the contemporary society.“ from 29-39 August, 2015.     As speaker in the title “Manobiyo Anubhuti Aru Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.“                                                                                                                                                 
  6. Attending the international seminar under the title: Refresher course in Library & Information Science, 18 November to 8 December 2015.
  7. Attending the UGC sponsored national seminar under the title-„NATIONAL INTEGRATION AND ETHNIC GROUPS OF ASSAM : A POST INDEPENDENCE  REVIEW“. As speaker in the title „National integration and impact of rural libraries in promoting peace,unity & rural development among ethnic group of Assam: a study.“14th and 15th june‘2012
  8. Attending the National Seminar on „Digital Preservation : its impact on today’s environment.“17th & 18th of February,2012.



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  1. Participated in one week [24-30th july 2020] skill development online course on Enhancement of Academic Research using Digital Resources.
  2. Participated in three days FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME on „ICT  TOOLS for  Effective  Teaching –Learning Process“.From 25 th to 27th May 2020.


  1. Attended the national webinar on „ACHIEVING  EXCELLENCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN INDIA IN THE 21ST  CENTURY : CHALLANGES AND OPPORTUNITIES“. Organised by School of business Studies &IQAC,Sharda university on 3rd June 2020.
  3. Attended online two days nation level webinar on  „Post COVID Scenario : Challenges and  Opportunities in Higher Education and Indian Economy“.On 19th and 20th May 2020.
  4. Attended online one day National Webinar on User Awareness on National Digital Library of India (NDLI). 20th Augest2021.
  5. Attending in National webinar on „Citaton Database and Research Metrics“.11th May 2021.(Sushat University)


  1. Editorial Advisory Board  Member of  Gyankosh : The Journal of Library and Information Management. (ISSN: 22294023,E-ISSN: 2249-3182)
  2. Editorial Board  Member of nonprofit peer recviewed open journal of International Journal of  BioSciences and Technology( IJBST).ISSN: 0974-3987.

Reviewer :

  1. International Journal of Advance study and Research work (ISSN: 2581-5997)

The Bharat Scouts &Guides

       Staff represantative of Bharat Scouts & Guide.(Sonitpur &Biswanath Dist.)

  1. Participated in Secretaries & Organizers Course.Held at National Training Centre,Pachmari.From 18.10.2011 to 22.10.2011.
  2. Attended the Two-DAY ORIENTATION CAMP FOR ROVERS AND RANGERS.18th &19th November,2006



Organised by Braves Educare Society,Rohini.Delhi,May 2020.

  • Participated  NAAC Awareness Quize-2020.On 22-5-2020.


  • Ex-Officio Governing Body Member.(From 2018)
  • Member of the Construction Committee (From 2020)
  • Secretary of  Library Advisory Committee.
  • Executive member of Assam College Librarian(ALA) 2015-2018.Now general member.
  • State Representative of Bharat Scouts and Guide(two dist-Sonitpur and Biswanath),2015 t0 till dt.
  • Member of organizing committee in 5th International Conference: Contemporary Innovations in Library &Information Science,Social Science &Technology for Virtual World. 2019

Invitation as a Resource Person :

  • Direct Speaker in National Science Day organised by Aryabhatta Science Centre.Na-duwar.
  • To select the librarian of the Choiduwar college.Organized by Choiduwar college.
  • To select the librarian of 

Article published in Newspaper :

  1. Jitamoni Bhattacharyya(2017)Dainik Asom“ Mahavidyalaya granthagar,amar dayitya.“22nd Nove.
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Article published in Biswanath Mahavidyalaya Smitigrantha:

  • Jitamoni Bhattacharyya(2010)“Smitigrantha,Biswanath Mahavidyala“(Biswanath Mahavidyala Granthagar: Atit aru Bartaman),Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee,Pp.062-067.

Extention Work  : 

Under the supervision of Biswanath college librarian, Jitamoni Bhattacharyya,

A library has been open in Biswanath District Jail, Under the Biswanath College Library; to make people aware  about their negative behaviour and make them good citizen with positive mind set.

 An awareness programme has been organised at District Jail,Biswanath.‘‘Motivation

Towards Healthy Reading Habit And Personality Development Among Prisoners of Biswanath District Jail     Organized by  Sadananda Chaliha Central Library,Biswanath College in association with IQAC,Biswanath College.