Mrs. Jyotikana Das Tamuly

Mrs. Jyotikana Das Tamuly
Associate Professor (Retired)

Department of Zoology
Date of Joining: 01/09/1992
Mobile: +919435080449
Area of Specialization: Cell Biology

List of Book chapters: Three ( 03)

  1. “Genome’- A collection of articles on Biological Science published by Assam Science Writers’ Association, 28/2/2003 .
  2. BHANGONI (Lit translation) by Assam Science Writers Association, Novemmber 2004
  3. Ecology Environment and Conservation (Page 229-242)

List of Books, edited, Books & JournalsEdited jointly ANUDHYAN The Thinking, An Annual publication of Sonitpur Zone of ACTA (Vol- IV, 2015)

Paper presented in National & International Seminars :

  1. Medicinal use of Traditional herbs in maintaining proper Human health ( 28th to 29th November,2007) Organized by Department of Zoology, Chaiduar College.
  2. DBT Sponsored National Seminar on “Biochemical and Biotechnological Research Approaches for Bio-resource Management of North East India Towards Sustainable Rural Development’ held during 11th & 12th November, at B N College of Agriculture, AAU. Paper entitled “Wetlands-Resorvoir …. Development”.
  3. Paper on Ethnobotanical studies in North East India with respect to sustainable development presented in the National seminar on Conservation of Biodiversity, National perspective and sustainable Development organised by Morigaon College (27/06/14 & 28/06/14).
  4. National seminar on “Advances in Biodiversity and traditional knowledge for sustainable development : special reference to NE India, organised by Deptt of Botany, Biswanath college. Paper entitled as “Faunal Diversity found in Biswanath college campus, Biswanath chariali, Assam.

International Seminars :

  1. Paper on “National Reconstruction through Sc & Spirituality with special ref to India” in the International Conference (14.11.08. – 16.11.08) Organised by Council for Teacher Education, Assam Chapter. Paper titled “Macrobrachium Biresource Diversity of N. E. India and its sustainable Development” in the International Seminar on Bioresource and Human Sustenance held from 20th October to 22nd October, 2011 at Cotton College, Guwahati.
  2. International Multidisciplinary Research conference on Biodiversity, climate change, Physical & Life sciences organised by DHSK College on 21-22 January, 2019. Paper titled “To study the Diversity of Avian Fauna found in Kodomoni Beel, Biswanath chariali.

Workshop / training attended

  1. State level Workshop on Translation of Sc literature into regional language organised by Assam Science writers Association (25th Nov to 28th Nov,2004)
  2. State level Training Workshop on Science Popularization through puppetry organised by Assam Science writers Association from 24/052006 to 28/05/06.
  3. Sensityvity/Awareness/Motivation Workshop organised by WSC, Darrang college on Capacity building of women Managers in Higher Education, from 20th to 24th January, 2009.
  4. Workshop on understanding Inner child organised by Department of Education on 30th May, 2009.
  5. Training programme on Disaster Risk Mitigation organised during 09-11 Sept’09 at SIRD, B. Chariali
  6. UGC sponsored One day workshop on Techniques of Teaching in Higher Education organised by Competence building of Teachers and Employees cell of Biswanath college on 30th June, 2010.
  7. UGC sponsored one day workshop on Semester system in undergraduate Colleges of Assam held on 19th August, 2011 organised by Competence building of Teachers and Employees Cell, Biswanath College
  8. DBT sponsored workshop on “Capacity Building on Biology Teaching” by Institutional Biotech Hub of B. N. College of Agriculture, Biswanath chariali, Assam during 9-10 December, 2011
  9. Workshop on Advanced Techniques on Molecular Biology by Institutional Biotech Hubs, Cotton College Guwahati from 27th to 30th March, 2012.
  10. Wokshop on Capacity building on use of Molecular Tools organised by Biotech Hub, B.N. College of Agriculture from 19-22nd March, 2014.
  11. DBT sponsored one day Workshop on Biotechnology in the present day context organised by Biotech Hub of Biswanath college on 31st March 2014. xii)Wokshop on Capacity building on use of molecular markers and PCR techniques held at Institutional Biotech Hub, B.N. College of Agriculture, Biswanath Chariali during 23rd to 25th February, 2015.
  12. Hands on training on Recent Advances in Practical curricula of under graduate courses in Zoology organised by Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, Department of Zoology, Gauhati University from 9th to 15th March, 2015.
  13. Hands on Training on Biological Sciences sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India during 12th and 13th June,2015
  14. Workshop entitled “Hands on Basic Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis Training using Bioinformatics Tool as a Faculty Development Programme” organised by the Bioinformatics Centre, Gauhati University from 3-6 Feb’20

Other activities: i) Appointed as Subject Expert in respect of Promotion of Assitant Professor in THB College on 21/08/2019.

  1. Ripunjoy Knowledge Hub in the college campus is another milestone towards Academic upliftment. The team of NAAC also had a special mention in their report as a part of social responsibility. Dedicated on 25/11/2009.
  2. Member of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
  3. Contributed District Level Children’s Science Congress as a evaluator on 2008.
  4. Performed the responsibility of the Convenor, Literary Sub- Committee in the Gauhati University East Zone Inter college youth Festival 2017.
  5. General Secy of the Women cell of the college as well as Convener, Women Cell of the Darrang- Sonitpur Zone.
  6. Life member of Assam Science Society
  7. Life member of Assam Science Writers Association
  8. Life member of Assam Zoological Society
  9. Joint coordinator, National childrens science congress for Sonitpur district’09.
  10. Executive member of ‘AKASH’ – a childrens science organization .
  11. Involvement in the student welfare, updating of Girls common room with sports activities to be marked always. Organised Table Tennis competition among the girls’ for the first time in 2008.
  12. Shouldering the responsibility of the coordinator of Assam Luit Shakti – Assam chapter of Shakti- A national movement for Women.