Smritirekha Borah

Smritirekha Borah
Associate Professor and HoD

Department of Physics
Date of Joining: 03/03/1994
Mobile: +918011796325
Area of Specialization: Theoretical Physics

Detail of Academic qualifications

Name of degreeYearUniversityClass (percentage)
BSc.1987Gauhati UniversitySecond (59%)
MSc.1991Gauhati UniversityFirst (62%)

Teaching Experience: 26 years & months

Detail of teaching assignment

SemesterGeneral/Major/Honours.Theory/PracticalTotal ClassesClasses perweekRemarks if any
IGen- 1.0Properties ofmatter.152
IIIMaj- 3.1MM-III and ESPractical353
IIIGen- 3.3Practical 2
VMajor- 5.1MM-V and Cl.Mech.60> 5
VMajor- 5.5Practical 3Instruments: Pt. resistance thermometer, Spectrometeretc.
VGen- 5.1MathematicalMethods30>2
VGen- 5.2Practical >1
IIMajor- 2.1Prop. of matter, Dirac Delta andGamma Functions33>3
IIGen- 2.0Electrostatics152
IVMajor- 4.2Special Theory ofRelativity202
IVGen- 4.2Practical 2
IVMajor- 4.3Practical 3Instruments: Newton’s ring, Polarimeteretc
VIMajor- 6.2MM- VI152Instruments:
 Major- 6.4Computer15>1CRO, FG, GM-
  Application  Counter & so
 Major- 6.5Practical 3on
VIGen- 6.2Practical (Electronics & Electrical,Mechanical) >2
IHC- 1016MM and  
 HC-1026Prop. of matter132
 HG/RC- 1016Elasticity and152
IIIHG/RC- 3016Lab202
IIIHC- 3016Matrix & Beta andGamma Functions193
IIHC- 2016Electrostatics343
 HG/RC- 2016Electrostatics22>2

IT skills:

  • Involved in C- programming theory as well as practical since 2011.
    • Performed online classes (both theory and practical) of Even Semesters (2019-2020) by using Google Classroom and Zoom Apps.
    • Performed online classes of Odd Semesters (2020-2021) by using Google Classroom and Zoom Apps.

Participation in Orientation/ Refresher Course:

1.Refresher Course in PhysicsDibrugarhUniversityJan 22 to Feb 11, 2002
2.Orientation Programme (OP-51)GauhatiUniversityFeb 24 to Mar 23, 2003
3.Refresher Course in ResearchMethodology (ID)GauhatiUniversityDec 1 to Dec 21, 2010
4.Refresher Course inMathematicsGauhatiUniversityMar 11 to Mar 31, 2011

Involvement in departmental/ institutional administrative work:

Sl.NoName of the body or Committeeor appliancesWorked asDuration
1Departmental libraryLibrarianLast 10 years
2Attendance Register of studentsMaintainerLast 10 years
3Lab Stock RegisterMaintainerLast 3 years
4Biswanath College AlumniAssociationExecutive MemberLast 10 years
5Alumni Association, PhysicsDepartment, Biswanath CollegePresidentSince 2018, Dec
6Biswanath College Students’Science ForumPresident2018-2019
7Departmental Class RoutineCompilerLast 3 years
8BSc. Class Routine CommitteeMember2018-19
9BSc. Class Routine (Gen)Compiler2020-2021
10Gunotsav IIIExt. EvaluatorJan 4, 5, 6,2018
11Gunotsav Round IIExt. EvaluatorNov 1, 2, 2, 2018
12BSc. Sem VI, 2019: ZoneBiswanath CollegeHead ExaminerJune, 2019
13BSc. Sem V, 2019-2020: ZoneBiswanath CollegeHead ExaminerFeb, 2020
14Physics DepartmentHoD i/cDec 01 to 16, 2015
15Physics DepartmentHoDSince Nov 01, 2017up to date
16Departmental interview for Assistant Professors selection,PDUAM, BehaliSubject ExpertJune 30, July 1,2017
17DPC Interview, THB CollegeSubject ExpertAug 14, 2019
18DPC Interview, Biswanath CollegeMemberSep 1, 2019
19Departmental interview for Assistant Professor selection,Biswanath CollegeMemberNov 18, 2019
20Departmental interview for Assistant Professor Selection,Rangapara CollegeSubject ExpertSep 19, 2020
21Admission Committee (BSc. Sem I,2020-2021)ConvenorJuly, 2020
22Assembly election, 2016Officer i/c Controlroom CellMar 28, 29, 2016
23Panchayat Election, 2018Material Counteri/cDec 4, 5, 2018
24Parliamentary Election, 2019Material Counteri/cApril10, 11, 2019